At SAUTHS our love for nature meets our passion for the craft. Since the very beginning, the sustainability theme has been the core of everything we do. Some things are not meant to change – and our work continues to be all about respect. Respect for the craft. Respect for the environment. Respect for your unique body. We say "no" to fast fashion and lukewarm effort. We don't create half-baked stuff that gathers dust on the shelf. And we never sell anything we don't fully believe in.

Our Materials

We work only with natural, vegan, biodegradable fabrics such as Linen and Cotton which have a low low environmental impact to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. We primarily focus on European textiles, which have Oeko-Tex certification meaning they are absolutely absent from harmful substances and chemicals. All of our materials are thoroughly sourced locally in Lithuania and Europe minimizing the CO2 impact of transportation.


Respectful relationships. We guarantee that every person involved in Sauths is paid a fair salary, works in a safe environment, and enjoys themselves in the process. Working with local suppliers in the EU allows us to ensure social protection and good working conditions for everyone involved in Sauths supply chain.

We believe in the importance of respectful relationships. ​​Our suppliers are our partners, and often our friends. We only work with carefully selected the highest quality local suppliers who are independently certified and share the same values as ours for providing fair wages, good working conditions, and stable jobs to their communities.

Green Factory. Sauths products are manufactured in a Green Factory which uses geothermal energy, a clean self-renewable heating method that doesn't release any CO2, to minimize our carbon footprint. Our processes are waste-conscious – so it’s our daily mission to stand for carbon-neutral production, waste reduction, recycling. We aim to switch to environmentally friendly alternatives where possible across all business functions.

Audited factory. Our factory are independently audited against our ethical code as well as recognized industry standards (BSCI, SMETA, or WCA audits). At Sauths we are fostering ethical workplaces as we believe skilled homeworkers are important to the hand-crafted, quality nature of all of our products. Sauths ensures that the high working standards set by the European Union are being met through regular third-party audits. Taking responsibility for their supply chain, every person involved in Sauths' production process earns fair wages and has good working conditions, safe environment.

Zero waste - upcycling. We employ a zero-waste mindset, so we refuse what we don’t need, reduce what we do need, reuse, recycle. Part of our products is up-cycled from production waste to give a new life, while the smallest production waste pieces that aren't suitable for textile items are recycled into other types of products.

Made to Last

Our products are designed with circularity in mind: our pieces are timeless and made with the intention in mind to be passed on for generations. Working with 100% pure materials helps us close the lifecycle of our garments by recycling them.

Trans-seasonal models allow us to not only use up all materials as our products never go 'out of season'. Some designs come and go. Others are made to last for years. We've always had a sweet spot for timeless elegance – elegance that comes in simple shapes and never feels over the top. At SAUTHS, we believe that top-quality materials don't require any gimmicks. That's why we simplify our minimalist items to the purest form (right before they become the most cherished items in your closet).