Our mission

Our mission is to create timeless natural pieces to cherish it every day and forever. By providing made to last essentials, that respect the planet and its people, inspire to consume less but better and help find enjoyment in the everyday.

It all started with travelling, exploring

Travelling and exploring corners of the world, beautiful beaches and landscapes. Exploring life with us should bring freedom, quality, confidence, happiness for humans knowing how he impacts inner and outer parts of himself and his environment. We want our consumers to feel special and extraordinary. Wearing and embellishing their life’s with Sauths magic should become a ritual & festival for daily life. It brings gratitude and fullness.

Sauths style

Sauths style is a mixture of elegant simplicity, comfortable living and timeless design that will outlive fleeting trends and suit almost every season. Inspired by travel and nature, Sauths combines natural aesthetics and earthy tones that reflects consistently throughout our collections. Product assortment consists of clothing, bedding, dining and other complementary pieces designed to make homes more beautiful everywhere. Designs are based on Sauths own voice as well as the unique inspirations found from various overseas trips. We create a series of natural and elegant styles which together result in timeless collections where natural materials and everyday comfort are in focus.


From bedroom to bathroom, from your kitchen table to the living room ‒ add unique character to every corner of your home. Sauths Home collection, created from certified textiles, allows you to enjoy maximum comfort without compromising style (or putting extra strain on the planet). Explore our selection of simply luxurious bed sheets, mats, blankets, throws, table linens, accessories, and more. Embrace the invitingly soft feel and natural aesthetics that linen is recognized and praised for.

Why natural materials?

Our passion for only natural textiles shines through both the clothing collections as well as home textile series. We primarily choose linen and cotton, because they are not only beautiful to create with, but are also made to last and gentle on the environment. Which is why we've chosen only natural fabrics for our creations. All our fabrics have been tested for harmful substances and are harmless in human ecological terms.


We guarantee that every person involved in Sauths is paid a fair salary, works in a safe environment, and enjoys themselves in the process. Working with local suppliers in the EU we firmly believe in the importance of building relationships with makers that we trust. Our certified factory have been thoroughly vetted to ensure exceptionally high levels of traceability throughout the production process and that the people we employed to make our products are paid fairly for their work.

Discover more about our responsibility


Some things are not meant to change – and our work continues to be all about respect to nature. We employ a zero-waste mindset – so we focus all our effort on making eco-friendly produce and nothing else. We say "no" to fast fashion and lukewarm effort, that’s why our products are designed with circularity in mind. Timeless pieces made with the intention in mind to be passed on for generations.