There are many ways to treat yourself to simple pleasures every single day. Try our favorite trick – wrap yourself in effortless luxury with SAUTHS. Our job is to create iconic items from sustainably sourced linen and organic cotton, and your job is to slip into comfort, enjoyment, and incredibly delicate experience of your daily life.

Say hi to something timeless.

Some designs come and go. Others are made to last for years. We've always had a sweet spot for timeless elegance – elegance that comes in simple shapes and never feels over the top. At SAUTHS, we believe that top-quality materials don't require any gimmicks. That's why we simplify our minimalist items to the purest form (right before they become the most cherished items in your closet).

Essentials crafted using only the finest materials.

SAUTHS linen and cotton are sourced with premium quality, sustainability, and everyday comfort in mind. Our products are carefully made using the highest quality materials so that your favorites never wear out and continue to be loved through seasons.

Top-quality European linen is meant to be superior – it outperforms countless other materials and makes SAUTHS products naturally strong, lustrous, and durable. Our creations have Oeko-Tex certification – this standard ensures that items are safely made without any harmful chemicals or synthetics.

Our love for nature meets our passion for the craft.

Since the very beginning, the sustainability theme has been deeply ingrained in everything we do. Some things are not meant to change – and our work continues to be all about respect.

Respect for the craft.
Respect for the environment.
Respect for your unique body.

We say "no" to fast fashion and lukewarm effort. We don't create half-baked stuff that gathers dust on the shelf. And we never sell anything we don't fully believe in.

We think green.

At SAUTHS, we employ a zero-waste mindset – so we focus all our effort on making eco-friendly produce and nothing else.

We've been manufacturing SAUTHS items ourselves, and we've been loving every minute of it. A European-based, family-owned production house is where the magic happens. We're lucky to be surrounded by extraordinary people. People who share the same vision. People who want to keep Earth clean. People just like you.

Let the price be a nice surprise.

Always staying true to ourselves – that's the essence of SAUTHS. All pieces are carefully orchestrated by the hands of our experts – and each finished garment still gives us goosebumps, even after all these years. As much as we care about the right texture, the right color, and the right fit, reasonable pricing is also at the forefront of our priorities. At SAUTHS, we stay committed to the premium quality that doesn't break the bank.

Mixing and matching is no hassle with capsule solutions.

Having lots of items that clash and don't match is a headache you don't need. We are firm believers that with a handful of high-quality essential pieces, you can create an entire month's worth of outfits. The beauty of our capsule collections extends far beyond the wardrobe – our bedding, dining, and living designs are created to complement each other effortlessly. When the convenience of uniform solutions is paired with an adventurous vibe of top-notch details, you'll know that you're truly seizing the day with ease.

Take a step further into a comfortable living – we have something special for your bedroom, bathroom, and dining room. Discover our premium range of bed linen, towels, homewares, and more.