How to be joyful at home without even trying


“How to be more joyful at home? I want to upgrade my space.” This thought commonly bubbles up as the colder, darker season approaches. After all, it would be easier to get out of a bad mood in a place that’s cozy, warm, and inviting. Right?

Our quest on how to be joyful at our own home is not surprising. Many of us spend a large portion of our days surrounded by the same familiar four walls. It’s no wonder we start dreaming about creating a  spot that gives us a magical feeling of serenity. 

We want to build a well-lived, joyful life without even having to step out. And the good news? A so-called “How to be joyful” challenge doesn’t have to be drastic, overwhelming, or expensive.

Research continuously shows that even small changes in our surroundings can strongly influence our mood. A few intelligent design/decor choices here and there, and we can create a spot that lowers our stress hormones and keeps our anxiety at bay. 

Small, tangible tweaks in our space can teach us how to be joyful almost instantaneously. Let’s take a look at five ideas.


A messy place can lead to chaos in our minds. Imagine that your desk is cluttered with papers, your bookshelves are a pure disaster, and your t-shirts are spread all over the floor. Wherever you look, there are misplaced toys, disorganised jewellery, and dirty coffee mugs staring at you.

For the vast majority of people, this increases the stress hormone cortisol in the body. So de-cluttering is often the smart first step in our how-to-be-more-joyful playbook.

Of course, there’s no recipe on how to be happy that equally applies to all. Some people have a sweet spot for squeaky-clean minimalistic aesthetics, while others prefer traditional coziness with more details and interesting elements. Allow yourself to do some honest soul-searching and find out what works best for you. 

No matter what your preferences are and how many decorations you’re willing to have, you’ll probably want to invest in quality items. People who successfully tackle the question of how to be happy (with less clutter and more things they love), often pick goods that can be cherished for years – even decades – to come.


To incorporate more joy into your living area, try to design your personal space in a way that’s authentic to you. You don’t even need a whole room – a quiet corner will do. Make it your sanctuary place that’s created only for your satisfaction. Play with various decorative elements that spark positive emotions – it could be a plush throw blanket, a picture, a beautiful candle, or a stack of soft pillows.

Strategically-chosen small items and slight rearrangements of already existing objects can be a powerful teacher of how to be joyful through comfort.


There are two things that can instantly make your space come alive: light and plants. Sunlight is naturally energizing – it makes the space feel lighter, airier, and more open. If someone wonders how to get out of a bad mood, it’s the secret that raises mood almost instantaneously. 

Even if the weather is dull, you can find ways to add extra light to your room. One option could be investing in quality curtains: a simple, sheer, flowy drape would let more sunlight in and create an uplifting feel.

Plants are another joyful thing that can signal the abundance and richness of life. Filling your room with a plant collection may seem excessive in some cases – but you can experiment with smaller additions. Try to place a colorful bouquet of fresh flowers or a brimming bowl of fruit in sight. See how your quest on how to be more joyful instantly becomes easier.


Do you love an effortless, soothing atmosphere that’s not overly bursting with color? Non-aggressive warm neutrals might be your way to go. You may play with different variations of the same shade – color layering will make things more interesting while still being easy on the eye.

Another simple tip for elevating your room’s look is to establish repeating patterns. When stimuli are repeated, it gives off a calming effect. Intentional symmetry is also very powerful. To achieve a symmetric look, choose a central spot and then try to create a “reflection” of it. Work outward from the middle – place similar items on both sides to create a mirror image. 

To unlock new levels of how to be joyful at home, you may apply the balancing rule of three, which is a common technique used by interior designers. It is all about grouping items – such as candles, decorative pillows, or pictures – in three-item bundles. 

All the objects should complement each other. However, slight variations in height, width, color, or texture are welcome – especially if you want to spice things up a bit. 


If we’re playing with techniques on how to become happy and calm ourselves down, here’s one piece of advice worth trying out. It can’t get simpler: reach out for soft, pleasant textures. It might be a cozy bathrobe, a fluffy comforter, or a gooey blanket to wrap yourself in. 

One of the most luxurious, joy-inviting indulgences, of course, is premium-quality bedding. While such a purchase might require some initial investment, top-quality sleep is an excellent gift to yourself – the one that keeps on giving.



Creating joyful spaces that are also full of serene calmness is not a contradiction in itself. Think of your space as an oasis, a spa place, or a vacation center. It’s about the silent, relaxing joy that doesn’t have to scream loudly. A special treatment that you deserve – even on the most casual of days.