Linen Hot Water Bottle Long Cover in Cinnamon


A hot water bottle cover serves as a protective and functional accessory, enhancing the efficacy and comfort of this timeless remedy. When crafted from linen, a natural fabric with a rich history, the cover takes on additional advantages that contribute to both its aesthetic appeal and practical benefits.

Natural Breathability

Linen is renowned for its exceptional breathability. Unlike synthetic materials, linen allows air to circulate freely, preventing the accumulation of moisture and maintaining a comfortable, dry environment. This quality is particularly advantageous for hot water bottle covers, as it helps regulate the temperature and prevents the development of a clammy sensation against the skin.


Linen possesses inherent thermoregulatory properties, meaning it adapts to the surrounding temperature. In the context of a hot water bottle cover, this quality helps optimize the warmth retained by the bottle. The fabric assists in preserving the heat generated by the hot water, ensuring a more sustained and consistent level of warmth over an extended period.

Softness and Comfort:

While some may express concern about linen being scratchy, it's important to note that high-quality linen is prized for its soft and smooth texture. Hot water bottle covers made from carefully selected linen fibers provide a gentle and comforting layer against the skin, enhancing the overall experience of using a hot water bottle for relaxation or pain relief.

Durability and Longevity

Linen is renowned for its durability, with fibers that become stronger over time. A hot water bottle cover made from linen is designed to withstand regular use and washing without losing its structural integrity. This longevity contributes to the practicality and sustainability of the cover, making it a reliable choice for those seeking a lasting solution.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Linen is a natural and biodegradable material, making it an eco-friendly choice for those mindful of their environmental impact. Choosing a hot water bottle cover made from linen aligns with sustainability values, providing a renewable and Earth-friendly option compared to covers made from synthetic materials

Details & fit
  • Size: 84x12cm
  • The cover is designed for easy removal, featuring a textured surface for added comfort and style
  • Crafted from 100% linen fabric, the cover combines natural breathability and durability for a comfortable and long-lasting experience
  • Choose from a range of colors to suit your preferences:
  • Green, Beige, and Cinnamon
  • The cover is designed for easy removal, featuring a textured surface for added comfort and style
  • Each cover is elegantly packaged in a linen fabric bag, adding a touch of sophistication to the presentation
  • This product includes: 1x bottle cover, 1x fabric bag.
Sustainability impact sustainability impact
  • Made from materials with a low environmental impact.
  • Composed of high-quality pure 100% linen.
  • Fabrics are certified.
  • Ethically made in European Union.
  • our factory independently audited against our ethical code as well as recognized industry standards (BSCI, SMETA, or WCA audits).
  • Manufactured in a green factory that uses geothermal energy, a clean self-renewable heating method which doesn't release any CO2.
Care guide
  • Sensitive wash in lukewarm or cold water (highest recommended temperature - 40 degrees)
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not dry with dryer
  • Can be ironed with warm iron
  • Can be dry-cleaned
  • Linen is highly absorbent, so make sure to wash it with similar colors
Shipping & Delivery
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The current lead time for made-to-order pieces is 1 week, as each item is handmade individually by our meticulous tailors to ensure the lowest possible waste. In-stock items will be dispatched within 2-3 working days of when the order is received;

We ship to over 150 countries worldwide;

Express Delivery
Europe / USA / Canada 2-3 working days with full tracking;
Rest of the World 3-8 working days with full tracking;

Standard Delivery
Europe 5-7 working days;
USA / Canada 7-14 working days with full tracking;
Rest of the World 14-21 working days with full tracking;

Delivery time is calculated from the day the package is sent from our warehouse;
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How Does It Feel?

Made of pure European flax, our linen is casually elegant with timeless appeal. Its luxurious, soft texture is achieved through garment washing – and only gets better with time.

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