Linen scarfs for all year round

When you think about linen scarfs or scarves in general, we always think of them as an item of purpose. But it can be so much more than that! Linen scarf is not only practical and super versatile, that allows you to use it all year round, but is a great addition to your Fall wardrobe. Traditionally, we like to think that linen scarf is meant to be worn in the summer and while it is definitely the season for it, we have plenty of options and ideas on how you can wear it during the colder season as well. Lightweight linen scarf: While the fabric of this scarf is sheer, it can be worn as a wrap-around item to make any look more romantic and sophisticated. It is super breeze and transparent, so if you would like to avoid any extra jewellery, a lightweight linen scarf might be just it!
Even though the scarf is thinner and won’t provide you with much warmth, because of natural linen quality, it can be beneficial when the material is closer to your skin, for example, your neck – then it can provide you some warmth, regulating your body temperature, and keeping that part of the body warm.
Striped linen scarfs
This scarf made from thicker linen will provide you with warmth and comfort. Elegant and minimalist stripes will enrich the look and it can be used all year round, even during the coldest seasons. Linen has thermoregulating qualities, so you won’t get cold during winter, and it will keep you fresh during the summer.
Also, when the summer evenings get chili, it is super practical to use it as a cover-up and continue to spend some quality time with your loved ones. It will keep warm and cozy.
While the scarf is super soft to the touch and provides you with the warmth needed during the colder season, it can also be a great addition to your Fall wardrobe. Have it wrapped around the neck or let it loose and it will give you that extra cozy Fall fashion look!
Linen blend scarfs
While linen scarfs are super versatile, linen blend ones are not so much different. The linen scarf is made from Linen/ Viscose fabric. Viscose gives the fabric a luxurious shine and even more softness to the touch.  
These scarves can also be used during warmer seasons as well as colder ones. It’s a great fashion item and can elevate your outfit to a more romantic look.
You can pair it with a simple shirt or have it over the cardigan to keep you extra cozy. It is also one of the must-haves during Fall!
So, when we talk about linen scarves, the popular opinion is that it’s the item for summer. And while you are not entirely wrong, we presented a few of the options on how linen scarfs can be worn during the colder season and incorporated into your Fall outfits.
You can never go wrong when purchasing a linen scarf, yourself or having it as a gift for your loved one. This gift is as much practical, as it is beautiful and thoughtful, so if you are looking for some Fall fashion items, something cozy, or just a practical gift for yourself or your loved one, think no more!